The GFLI relies on an innovative governance mechanism, based on regional and sectoral projects, which  populate the GFLI database. These projects are led by a consortium of feed companies and associations. All r projects follow the same procedure for data collection, to ensure global consistency.

The executive body of the GFLI is the GFLI Management Board, composed of representatives of the regional and sectoral projects, a chairperson which does not represent any project and a representative of the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF).

The FAO has a seat on the GFLI Management Board with an observer status. The GFLI Management Board oversees all activities of the regional projects. Economies of scale are made possible through synergies between regional projects.


GFLI Management Board Members 2016-2017

  • Mike Goble, GFLI Chairman
  • Joel Newman (AFIA, US/Canada Project Steering Group)
  • Graham Cooper (ANAC, US/Canada Project Steering Group), GFLI Treasurer
  • Nick Major (ForFarmers, EU Project Steering Group)
  • Ruud Tijssens (FEFAC, EU Project Steering Group)
  • Mr Dave Robb (Cargill, Fish Feed Project Steering Group)
  • Mr Henrik Stenwig (FHF, Fish Feed Project Steering Group)
  • Sebastian Csaki (IFIF)
  • Nicolas Martin (GFLI Project Manager)


Project Steering Groups (one per project on a regional or sector basis)

European Union Project Steering Group

North America Project Steering Group

Fish Feed Project Steering Group


GFLI governance mechanism