The ambition of the GFLI is to become a reference for Feed LCA data. It means that in addition to the database development, the GFLI should also consider how to facilitate access to the data. One key element from that perspective is the GFLI decision to offer free access to its database. Another important element is LCA software neutrality. The GFLI objective is to develop its database in a format that can easily be picked up by the main LCA software developers. To this end, the GFLI is monitoring closely the UNEP/SETAC initiative on interoperability of LCA databases. While waiting for the outcomes of this initiative, the GFLI will consider the ILCD format developed by the European Commission as an interim solution. With this approach, the GFLI database an embedded database in the main LCA software, as described in figure below.

The first version of the GFLI database (version 28-Dec-2018) is now available. (Just follow the link to create an account on the Blonk Consultants website, then click on the GFLI page under Tools.) This first version of the database is made up of about 1200 datasets of main feed ingredients used in Europe, and US crop data used as feed ingredients at state level. The database will be updated as GFLI project groups complete their work, and numerous updates are already scheduled for the first half of 2019.

LCA Tool

The other aspect to consider for the dissemination of the GFLI deliverables is how to deal with the feed and livestock community. Despite the importance of environmental footprinting for the compound feed industry, very few feed companies can rely on in-house LCA expertise. The purpose of the GFLI tool is to provide access to the GFLI database for non-LCA experts. The GFLI tool is therefore targeted at the feed and livestock community and will support the following actions:

  • Hot spot analysis
  • Training and education
  • Exploration of mitigation options

This twin-track approach aims at facilitating the use of the GFLI deliverables.


Dissemination and use of the GFLI deliverables