The mission of GFLI is to become the reference for Feed LCA data. This means that in addition to developing the database, the GFLI should also consider how to facilitate access to the data. One key element from that perspective is GFLI’s decision to offer free access to its database. GFLI’s goal is to develop its database in a format that can be easily used by the main LCA software developers. To this end, GFLI is closely monitoring the UNEP/SETAC initiative on interoperability of LCA databases.

LCA Tool

In addition to making the GFLI Database available in usable formats, GFLI is also committed to  supporting the feed and livestock community’s ability to perform the necessary calculations. Despite the importance of environmental footprinting for the compound feed industry, very few feed companies can rely on in-house LCA expertise. To address this situation, GFLI commissioned Wageningen University and Blonk Consultants to develop the GFLI Tool (GFLI Feedprint International). The purpose of the GFLI Tool is to provide access to the GFLI Database for non-LCA experts. The GFLI Tool is therefore targeted at the feed and livestock community and will support the following actions:

  • Hot spot analysis
  • Training and education
  • Exploration of mitigation options

This twin-track approach aims at facilitating both access to, and use of, the GFLI deliverables. 

Dissemination and use of the GFLI deliverables

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