The Environmental Footprint 2.0 (EF 2.0) is available for download as zip with XML files. These files require LCA software for optimal functionality. The EF 2.0 details the method of impact assessment (LCIA) through the ReCiPe Midpoint Hierarchy method and EF methodology of the European Commission. It includes the following impact indicators: Global warming (Including LUC); Global warming (excluding LUC); Stratospheric ozone depletion; Ionizing radiation; Ozone formation, Human health; Fine particulate matter formation; Terrestrial acidification; Freshwater eutrophication; Terrestrial ecotoxicity; Freshwater ecotoxicity; Marine ecotoxicity; Human carcinogenic toxicity; Human non-carcinogenic toxicity; Land use; Mineral resource scarcity; Fossil resource scarcity; Water consumption.

An Excel version of the EF 2.0 is under construction for easier access by non-LCA software users.

Please consult the End User License Agreement (EULA), available during check-out and included in the download, for legal uses of the database. Keep in mind that the files are compressed into zip files so you need to unzip before using.

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