The online available GFLI database is a collection of feed ingredient datasets collected through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The life cycle impact assessment is assessed through the ReCiPe 2016 midpoint (H) version 1.1 in SimaPro 9.0 and the Environmental Footprint 2.0 method. The system boundary is cradle-to-gate (the first stage of feed production, like the production of the seeds, till the final product leaves the last designated production of processing facility for transport to be consumed – the meta-data details the boundary description of each product as it might vary), with 16 and 19 impact indicators depending on the format. Both formats include three allocation options: Economic (preferred method in Feed PEFCR), mass, and energy allocation. The full life cycle inventory assessment (LCIA) is the final product in its aggregated form.

Please consult the End User License Agreement (EULA), available during check-out and included in the download, for legal uses of the database. Keep in mind that the files are compressed into zip files so you need to unzip before using.

LCIA results of feed material (excel)

GFLI Database - LCIA results of feed material (excel)
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