First phase of EU GFLI project close to completion

The Global Feed LCA Institute project has established synergies with the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) initiative launched by the European Commission in the sense that GFLI data are suitable for the implementation of the Feed Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules currently under development.

Following a tender procedure, the EU GFLI project has been selected by the European Commission to develop PEF compliant datasets for the major feed ingredients. The participants in the EU GFLI project are currently busy developing these datasets, with the technical support of Blonk Consultants. The scope of the tender covers more than 1,500 datasets for the major feed ingredients from different nature (raw materials and processed products from vegetable and animal origin). The datasets have been selected from the perspective of the consumption of feed ingredients in Europe, meaning that imported ingredients from key suppliers countries are also included.

To capture the diversity across the EU, the datasets are being created on a country basis (e.g. rapeseed meal from Germany or wheat from France). The delivery of the datasets to the European Commission is foreseen in March / April 2017.

After the completion of this first phase, the EU GFLI project will start additional activities aiming at strengthening the robustness of GFLI data either by filling data gaps and/ or by improving the quality of the first datasets delivered.

Europe Project Steering Group Members

AB AGRI, Agrifirm, AIC, Bemefa, Cargill Animal Nutrition, Evonik, FEDIOL, FEFAC, For Farmers, Nevedi, SNIA, Nutreco, USSEC

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