North American GFLI project now in data collection phase

Efforts to gather lifecycle inventory (LCI) data for the United States and Canada are progressing well. Priority ingredients used in feed manufacturing in both countries have been identified, and under the overall technical guidance of Dr. Frank Mitloehner of the University of California at Davis, members of the North American project group are now developing datasets for cultivation inputs and production outputs.

Because of the different crop growth and use patterns across North America, the required datasets are being created on a regional basis. In the United States, American Feed Industry Association member representatives are collecting LCI data both from within their own organizations, and from external sources such as suppliers and service providers. Where practical, such data are supplemented by information available in the public domain – primarily from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other available government sources.

A somewhat different approach is being taken in Canada, largely because of the shortage of relevant LCI data available from government sources on a selected group of ingredients unique to the region.  The Animal Nutrition Association of Canada has engaged the services of Groupe Agéco, a Quebec-based organization with significant expertise in the LCA field, and with experience in similar projects in the Canadian agri-food sector, to fill these data gaps.

The datasets being developed in the United States and Canada will ultimately come together in a uniform database to be used in conjunction with work being conducted in Europe under the GFLI uniform methodologies. This initial phase of the GFLI project is expected to be completed before the end of 2017.

USA/Canada Project Steering Group Members

AFIA, ANAC, ADM Alliance Nutrition, Alltech, Cargill Animal Nutrition, CHS Nutrition, Diamond V, Elanco Animal Health, Evonik, Hi-Pro Feeds, LandO’Lakes Purina, Mosaic Feed Ingredients, National Soybean Board, Potashcorp

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