How GFLI data is generated

The GFLI database is comprised of LCA data from various sources, which are contributed by so-called ‘data providers’. Data providers may be research institutes, Universities, a consortium of companies and/or other entities, who are interested in starting, (re)modelling, or have available data for one or more ingredients averaged for a sectoral or regional representative product.

The focus of a “data-in” project can be:
– First development of LCI datasets not yet available in the GFLI database
– Updating of existing LCI datasets for an improved representativeness (i.e. newer data, different technologies and/or inputs).
– Improvement or updating of modelling to extend the current method of evaluating environmental impacts such as additional impact indicators or new methods of measuring emissions.

Read the procedures document, find relevant partners or connect with the GFLI secretariat to see if there are any data-in projects starting you could participate in.

Suggestions for datasets
In need of a specific dataset, data from regions, or otherwise? Please leave your suggestion for GFLI to consider for the next database update.

Which datasets (ingredients, processed products) would you like to see added to the GFLI database? (Add any specifications and granularity when relevant, e.g., cultivated ingredients from Peru, RER value for calcium soaps)
How could you contribute to have this data created?

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