About The GFLI

The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) is an independent animal nutrition and food industry institute with the purpose of developing a publicly available Animal Nutrition Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) database to support meaningful environmental assessment of animal nutrition products and stimulate continuous improvement of the environmental performance in the animal nutrition and food industry.

  • GFLI will maintain and expand its regional and sectoral Animal Nutrition ingredient LCA database, ensuring the integrity and quality of the LCA ingredient datasets in accordance with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership (FAO/LEAP) guidelines for animal nutrition and food chain systems.
  • The Institute will provide public access to the GFLI database, as the recognized global reference for animal nutrition and food LCA data by the public and private sector (LCA researchers, industry, academia and government bodies).
  • The Institute will also facilitate GFLI database access for animal nutrition and food industry on a subscription basis, for use in conducting environmental footprint calculations of their products and meaningful comparisons based on a harmonized methodology.

For more information on participating in the GFLI project or gaining access to the current datasets, contact info@globalfeedlca.org.

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