Free to use data
The GFLI database is a publicly available database that users can implement into their LCA software tools or use otherwise to research their environmental impact of their product(s). Upon download on the site, users accept the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA). The EULA states the GFLI database may only be used for person and non-commercial use. This personal use means to the benefit of his/her own reports (e.g. studies, results and digital, interactive presentations), including the performance of calculations and decisions based on the data of the Database.

Examples of non-commercial use:
• Individuals using it for the purpose of internal processes such as benchmarking, hot spot analysis, and scenario analysis.
• Feed industry and organisations using the outcome of internal processes for marketing, communication, and unpaid consultancy of LCA results.
• Academic and educational researches into environmental footprinting.

All or portion of the GFLI database may not be distributed, rented out, loaned, leases, sold, sublicensed, assigned or transferred. EULA violations are not tolerated and GFLI will take the necessary steps to discontinue such practices. Always consult the EULA before using the GFLI database.

License for commercial use
Companies that wish to use the GFLI data(base) for commercial purposes must sign a license. This is an annual subscription license includes any GFLI database updates during the running year. Details on the levels of data use and the costs can be shared through contact with the GFLI Secretariat.

Examples of allowed commercial use are:
• Incorporating GFLI’s aggregated inventory data into any (software) tools – such as, but not limited to, LCA tools, carbon footprinting tools, tools for feed formulation, and farm data management tools – that can be used by third-parties.
• Organisations and/or companies such as consultancy firms that, as Licensees, use data from GFLI’s Data Publication to support their consultancy activities, for example in order to perform calculations to the benefit of their customers who pay for insight into animal production systems.

For more information about the use of the data and the license, please reach out to [email protected].

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