Ready for branded data? We’re still working on finalizing the license agreements and creating a workable structure to manage the expected interest in branded data. HOWEVER, you will be able to have a look at the new methodology document, detailing the requirements to apply and complete the branded data. Please note that the following document is a living document and may be changed with new insights gained over the following months.

Procedures for branded data-in project

The above document also details the procedures to start a data-in project for branded data. To the right you’ll find a stylized summary of proceedings. While we cannot accept submissions yet, the first steps can be taken to prepare for branded data. Did you already collect your on-site data? Have you reached out to your suppliers to achieve a ‘chain of custody’? Do you have a LCA consultant for support and modelling?

We cannot accept submissions for branded data without a COMPLETE and GFLI approved application form (downloadable on this page when available). Likewise, a license agreement must be signed before proceeding.

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