The GFLI database is filled with high quality data based on secondary (statistics) sources and industry data. Through a strong internal reviewing process and an external review from third party certifying bodies, all datasets within the GFLI database are thoroughly reviewed to be:
a) calculated according to the GFLI methodology;
b) receiving the correct data quality rating;
c) using accredited sources and/or include reliable industry data.

Read more about the reviews in the Procedures for a data-in project.

Internal review
The datasets in its final impact assessment form, the lifecycle inventory, and supporting documents such as the data collection report are reviewed. A succesful review shows the datasets are consistently aligned with the GFLI methodology, with complete dataset(s) that are in line with expectations (outliers to be removed), as well as have a qualitative description for the dataset(s)’ metadata.

Have you done an LCA study and wish to comply with the GFLI Methodology? Our LCA consultant can also provide consultancy alongside an internal review to give insight on the work necessary for alignment. Reach out to [email protected] for a quotation.

External review
Data review should be aligned with ISO/TS 14071:2014 and its original specifications of ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006 in compliance with the EU PEFCR ‘verification’ (chapter 12 of the EU PEFCR Feed for food producing animals). The GFLI methodology document describes the minimal requirements for an LCA in a GFLI-compliant approach. Interested to understand what the external review entail? Read the external review guidance document!

Name Contact details Function and organization Country Expertise
Martijn van Hovell[email protected]SGSThe NetherlandsCultivated products (Europe and Global) and other feed ingredients
Hugues Imbeault-Tétreault[email protected]Scientific Affairs Advisor, Corporation responsibility service at Groupe AGÉCOCanadaAgri-food LCA (especially hay and livestock) Other expertise in construction materials and packaging.
Rafael Batista Zortea [email protected] Professor and Researcher – IFSul BrazilBiofuels
Table of reviewers qualified for GFLI external reviews

Are you a reviewer or verification body and would like to also provide your service for externally reviewing GFLI data? Reach out to the GFLI Secretariat at [email protected]!

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