The Technical Management Committee chairman and its members are appointed by the Board of Directors. The Committee should be comprised of at least six but not more than twelve LCA experts, recommended by Board member organizations, as well as research, university or other experts as appropriate to fulfill the committee role. The Committee members each serve two year terms and one-half of the Committee (or as close as possible to one-half) are appointed each year. The Committee reports directly to the Board and works with the Executive Director to:

  1. Review and validate the technical output and mission of the Institute;
  2. Interface with the technical consultants and ensures expected performance, in conjunction with the Executive Director;
  3. Recommend future steps regarding the database and tool development;
  4. Recommends appropriate direction regarding intellectual property ownership and other technical issues.

The chairman of the Technical Management Committee also serves as an ex officio member of the Board of Directors.

TMC Members

Tom Battagliese (Chair) – IFIF
Martin Guthrie – AFIA
Mary Lou Swift – ANAC
Anke Hamminga – FEFAC
Nicolas Martin – IFIF
Philippe Becquet – IFIF
Helen Hamilton – NSF
Delanie Kellon – GFLI Secretariat
Ragna Leeuw – Agribusiness Service

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