The Technical Management Committee (TMC) has been set to:

  1. Review and validate the technical output and mission of the Institute and provide recommendations on these matters to the Board;
  2. Interface with the technical consultants and ensures expected performance, in conjunction with the Executive Director;
  3. Recommend future steps regarding the database and tool development;
  4. Recommends appropriate direction regarding intellectual property ownership and other technical issues.

TMC Members

Tom Battagliese (Chair) – IFIF
Martin Guthrie – AFIA
Mary Lou Swift – ANAC
Anke Hamminga – FEFAC
Dave Robb – FEFAC
Nicolas Martin – IFIF
Philippe Becquet – IFIF
Helen Hamilton – NSF
Delanie Kellon – FEFAC/GFLI secretariat
Ragna Leeuw (minutes) – Agribusiness Service

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