Accessing the database

The three different levels of the GFLI database (impact assessment, system processes, and unit process level) are available for purchase. The shift from free access towards a paid model is due to the new legal obligations the GFLI has for using improved background data, necessitating the GFLI to account for the number of database users. As our new database access structure will require a new and improved (and more secure) IT platform than we currently have available via the GFLI website, we will make our database temporarily available via the tools portal of our database manager, Blonk Consultants, during a transition period while we develop and implement our own in-house IT solution.

Before proceeding on this page, please read our data use policy regarding the different licenses. Are you interested in the prices the GFLI database costs? Download our fee structure below:

Procedures for access

All versions of the database require you to sign a license agreement. In order to proceed with this, please send an e-mail to with the following details:

  • Name, title, and email of the person that will sign the License Agreement
  • In case the signing person will not be the user(s) of the database, include the name and e-mail address(es) of the user(s).
  • Company registration no., principal office address
  • Desired database type (Impact Assessment, System Processes, or Unit Process)
  • Desired license type (commercial, developer, or research – note that research is only available for accredited research institutes and universities)
  • Number of licenses requested:
    • For Commercial and Research license requests: number of licenses requested (i.e. number of internal end users who will use the database).
    • For Developer license requests: number of internal and external end users who will use the database/tool.
  • Member status (Member or non-member)

After your request, you’ll be sent the license agreement ready for signature based on the provided information. Once signed, you’ll receive the payment options through our database manager Blonk Consultants about further details how to access the database.

Did you follow these steps? Find the portal page here!

Link to database portal!

LCIA results of Brazilian higher tier data

The GFLI-Brazil project produced more precise, higher quality (“higher tier”) data on three Brazilian crops (corn, soybean, sugarcane) and three processed products (soybean meal, crude soybean oil, sugarcane molasses). These datasets are presented in a separate document to avoid confusion with Brazil data calculated using the baseline GFLI methodology. It is calculated based on the collection of more precise data and using an improved (region-specific) methodology, resulting in datasets of higher quality than the Brazil datasets calculated using the baseline GFLI methodology.

Given the use of different methodologies, the higher tier GFLI-Brazil and baseline Brazil baseline datasets cannot be easily compared and an oversimplified attempt to do so would lead to confusion/misinterpretations. The download file includes a document with details on its alternative modelling compared to the GFLI methodology.

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