The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Institute and consists of not less than six and not more than twelve persons as determined by the Board. The property, affairs and business of the Institute is controlled and guided by the Board of Directors and do all other things necessary for the successful conduct of the business of the Institute. Elections of Directors is done by ballot and will be elected each year, with each Director term serving for two years.

Board members
Nick Major (Chair) – FEFAC
Andy Timmins (Treasurer) – AFIA
Melissa Dumont – ANAC
Henrik Stenwig – NSF
Constance Cullman – AFIA
Sebastian Csaki – IFIF
Ruud Tijssens – Agrifirm
David Nickell – DSM
Tom Battagliese – TMC Chair, non-voting board member

Delanie Kellon – GFLI Secretariat
Arjen Voortman – GFLI Secretariat/ Agribusiness Service
Laura Nobel – GFLI Secretariat/ Agribusiness Service

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