Centrico Veevoeders joins GFLI as new member!

The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) announces a new member: Centrico Veevoeders, purchasing organization for feed companies.

Centrico is a purchasing organization representing 18 compound feed producers in The Netherlands. Founded in 1984 by four feed mills, Centrico expanded their business to where it is these days. An organization fully focused on sourcing raw materials for the feed industry. On a yearly base, Centrico represents 2.3 million tons of compound feed, a market share of ~20% in the Netherlands.

Market circumstances changes fast as sustainability and transparency becomes more important. In scope of this Centrico supports the GFLI in their development of a LCA database as the benchmark for the feed industry. Centrico acknowledges the importance of a world-wide accepted database according to international accepted methodologies.

“It is not the scope to compete on methodology towards sustainable feed production but on real impact’’- Marijn Schreurs, purchaser at Centrico.

GFLI welcomes Centrico Veevoeders as a member and wishes for a succesful partnership. Learn more about memberships by reaching out to gfli@agribusiness-service.nl!

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