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Have you read the methodology and procedures and is your data calculated accordingly? The next step is to get the data internally reviewed through GFLI. The costs attached to this are below.

Download the application form below, & reach out to the GFLI info mailbox to request the license agreement (share the e-mail address of the signatory party). Your application cannot be proceed unless the application form is filled in fully, and the license agreement is signed. By signing the license agreement you commit to the costs to have the data ingredient internally reviewed. The GFLI cannot be held liable for the costs related to the additional data modelling and a second internal review required when it shows the data does not comply with the GFLI branded data methodology.


Branded data entails the following topics:

  1. Internal review of the datasets that are specified in the application form that is filled in for the participation of this data;
  2. A letter of confirmation will be written for all the datasets that have been deemed compliant with the GFLI methodology, meeting the criteria and receiving proof of such through the internal AND an external review (note: this letter can only be received after an external review has also taken place);
  3. [Optional] Data publication through its integration of the datasets into a GFLI database.

Participation to receive a GFLI-compliant ‘Branded data’, the following costs apply.

*Ingredients are categorized in the GFLI methodology in 5 categories (cultivated, plant-based processed ingredients, animal-based processed ingredients, feed additives, and novel feeds). Due to the complexities of each category, the ingredients for review should have a similar process, or may be part of a chain if it is a simple supply chain (e.g., 5 cultivated ingredients, or a cultivated ingredient which is also specified in a processed ingredient i.e. soybean and soybean meal/hulls). The possibilities should always be consulted with the LCA consultant.

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