CJ BIO joins GFLI as a new member!

The Global Feed LCA Institute is excited to welcome CJ CheilJedang BIO (CJ BIO) as member. CJ Bio is a world-class green biotechnology company providing superior products and solutions to customers using outstanding microbial fermentation technology. With their goal to further  CJ BIO will further expand its business through next- generation biotechnologies by fulfilling animals’ nutritional and health requirements, they see value in the participation as GFLI member.

With 12 global production sites in 7 countries, CJ BIO achieved total sales of 5 billion USD in 2021. As a company distributed worldwide, CJ BIO is responsible for taking part in the global community’s endeavor to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable environment. Like its slogan, “We connect People & Nature, Life & Science, and Present & the Future,” CJ BIO strives to create the world where both people and nature can coexist through ESG activities and efforts in each global value chain.

As a new member of GFLI, CJ BIO is the first Asian multinational company to join GFLI and form a partnership. As CJ BIO has become the pioneer in the field of the Asian feed industry, a response to the current sustainability trend to race and set ambitious carbon reduction goals is also expected in other Asian companies.

For future innovative growth, CJ CheilJedang established a goal to achieve Carbon Neutral & Zero Waste by 2050. The ambitious objective includes the worksite’s green conversion to decarbonization, development of eco-friendly products/solutions, and forming eco-friendly partnerships throughout the overall value chain. Until 2030, CJ BIO committed to reducing GHG at manufacturing plants, operating renewable energy-only, increasing water use efficiency, and promoting zero-landfill waste.

Dr. Yunil Hwang, Chief executive officer of CJ BIO Business, comments:

“GFLI and its database are necessary to understand the environmental impact of the feed materials better. As a member of GFLI, we expect to operate robust innovation which will reduce the environmental impact across different categories such as GHG, energy, water, waste, etc.. We look forward to offering sustainable solutions in the future, in order to help our community to better respond to the climate crisis.”

Within the feed industry, a partnership with GFLI and CJ BIO will make a big step toward defining universal and specific standards of carbon emissions. Such standards will contribute to unifying sustainable goals and promote a significant reduction in carbon emissions through the feed industry.

Therefore, CJ BIO’s main objective is to lead customers to engage in their sustainable innovations just by consuming CJ BIO products. CJ BIO will continue diversifying its sustainable product and solution in order to mitigate climate change and, most importantly, make the earth a more sustainable habitat. The GFLI values the perspective CJ BIO will bring to the table as regards to the harmonized methodology on a global scale, with the further development for GFLI’s vision of becoming the global reference. Welcome CJ BIO as GFLI member!

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