Evonik Animal Nutrition becomes GFLI’s newest member

The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) announces a new member: Evonik Animal Nutrition, Evonik’s business line which focuses on solutions for healthy, efficient, and sustainable animal nutrition.  

Evonik Animal Nutrition’s goal is to provide as many people as possible with access to high-quality, affordable, animal protein produced with due regard for animal welfare and with limited natural resources. Solutions from Evonik Animal Nutrition are based on amino acid products, services, and feed formulations for low-protein animal nutrition diets. With probiotics, the company helps to reduce the use of growth-enhancing antibiotics in poultry and pigs. Other products from Evonik Animal Nutrition enable, for example, the aquaculture industry to rear edible fish and crustaceans without using fish oil and fish meal. Solutions from Evonik Animal Nutrition even include data-based digital tools for Precision Livestock Farming – all with the aim of increasing production productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. This approach includes the analysis of the impact of feed additives on the environment and animal related emissions.

“Evonik Animal Nutrition has a long history of working to ensure its products and services are manufactured and applied as sustainably as possible, benefitting customers and the environment. In 2003, the business line conducted its first product LCA. This was followed by lots of further analysis accompanying the growth of its product portfolio. With that background, Evonik Animal Nutrition has been working with the GFLI for some time and is now becoming an official member. With AMINOFootprint 2.1, Evonik Animal Nutrition provides a web-based, ready-to-use, tool for calculating the environmental impact of boiler and pig production in livestock operations. As GFLI conducts similar work on a broader scale and expert level, we’re very interested in contributing to the global data collection of environmental impacts to further decrease the emissions in the feed to food value chain.’’ – Dr. Michael Binder, Vice President Sustainable Development of Animal Nutrition. GFLI welcomes Evonik Animal Nutrition as a member and wishes for a fruitful partnership.

Evonik Industries AG
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