Announcement: Dutch feed industry association Nevedi joins GFLI

GFLI is proud to announce Nevedi, the Dutch feed industry association, joined as a GFLI member and is the second association to join since Sindirações.

Nevedi is active in dialogue and research between her members, government, NGOs, industry, research institutes and other entities for the contribution of a sustainable animal and livestock sector. The success of such a complex sector and its sustainability lies in a holistic approach and fruitful discussion in which all determining factors are accounted for.
Nevedi participated in the Steering Group for the EU-GFLI project which delivered the majority of the EU datasets currently available in the GFLI database, and is active with her members and other organisations to continue to increase and improve environmental footprinting data in the Dutch animal feed sector.

’Nevedi has its best interest in GFLI and to see it take off the way it does right now is an achievement. It represents the growing need for environmental footprinting. We as an association like to see our members use the database to reach the demand their customers ask for. Reducing emissions is a major goal for milk, eggs and meat in the Netherlands, in which of course the livestock sector currently plays a large role. As representative of the feed sector we see it as a must to contribute to keep our sector vital and in line with societal and market demands.’’ – Henk Flipsen, director of Nevedi. 

Nevedi is currently defining the scope of a new data-in project for GFLI, containing multiple feed materials used in the Dutch feed sector, with the hopes of data integration to the GFLI database by the end of the year. GFLI welcomes Nevedi as a member and wishes for a fruitful partnership.

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