Four major market players in the feed industry join GFLI

The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) is proud to announce four corporates stepped up to be among the first to participate as a GFLI member. The share of Agrifirm, BASF, DSM and ForFarmers in the feed industry is tremendous and will surely benefit from the use of the GFLI database to hit their respective targets in feeding animals through sustainably sourced feed.

With the GFLI database published on the GFLI website on November 12th, 2020, the first steps to become the global reference were taken. Now entering a new phase of expanding the database, we welcome associations, corporates and other entities as members to pursue our goal to become a global provider of a high quality LCA database. Corporates are an essential stakeholder in the feed industry and will be receiving more and more demand for feed material with a low environmental footprint. It is thus in both interest of GFLI and partners to create a working environment that’ll benefit the planet on the long term. With the scale in which these corporates operate, it’ll be a remarkable added value to represent the feed industry.

Agrifirm decided to join the GFLI among the first corporate members. Reducing the climate impact of agricultural production is one of the key strategic topics for the years to come, which Agrifirm is committed to deliver a significant contribution to improving the environmental footprint of their products. Within livestock production, the feed production stages, carries a large share of the environmental footprint. As a producer of animal feed, Agrifirm feels a clear responsibility to make concentrated efforts in this area. By developing products with a lower environmental footprint, the entire value chain will be supported.

’By becoming a member of GFLI, we support and will work to ensure that the widest possible range of feed material and geographical origin will be included in the database. We support GFLI as the key database to use for conducting footprint calculations that allow for meaningful comparisons within the sector, based on a harmonized methodology. Considering the climate impact of livestock production, this is a necessary movement within the sector.’’ – Ruud Tijssens, director Public and Cooperative Affairs.

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BASF decided to join the GFLI to continuously support the mission of the GFLI with their leadership and now corporate membership. BASF is a global supplier of feed additives for livestock, aquaculture, and companion animals, playing an integral role into providing nutrients for healthy and productive animals. Feed additives are not only vital for the overall health and longevity of animals, there is also more research showing how they can decrease emissions through, for example, reducing methane production in the rumen of dairy cows. BASF strives for excellent products that are scientifically backed to contribute to a sustainable future. From this, BASF sees the value of GFLI’s vision of becoming the go-to source in LCA data for the feed and animal protein value chain.

“Achieving scientifically sound and globally accepted data is crucial to enabling a more sustainable industry and to BASF and our value chain sustainability analytics activities. We look forward to the ongoing engagement with GFLI, its members and the industry-at-large.” – Daniela Calleri, Vice President Business Management, BASF Animal Nutrition.

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DSM was involved since the early beginnings of Feed LCA and decided to join GFLI among the first corporates. ‘’The main reason for us to join the GFLI is because Sustainability is in our DNA and as a purpose led, science driven organization, we strongly believe that sustainability should be measured, and with a science-based approach, in order to improve.’’ – David Nickell, Vice President of Sustainability & Business Solutions at DSM Animal Nutrition & Health. Feed, directly and indirectly is in most cases responsible for more than 70% of the total footprints per kg of chicken, milk, eggs, pork, beef or fish. The complexity of collating and constantly updating the footprint data associated with the multitude of feed raw materials, macro- and micro ingredients, the different types of by-products and roughages makes it a monumental task for any single company to maintain and organize in a credible and meaningful way. This is the reason why DSM sees a lot of value in GFLI, as it is a cooperation within the industry to contribute to greater clarity and accuracy  towards foot-printing of animal production which strongly resonates with DSM’s strategic initiative of We Make It Possible.

As it’s in the core value of DSM, ‘We strongly believe that by working together, We Can Make it Possible!’ continues Nickell. DSM is proud to become a corporate member of the Global Feed Lifecycle Assessment Institute, joining the efforts of the organization in developing a highly credible feed raw material LCA database, which is fundamental to achieving a more sustainable animal protein industry.

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The objectives of GFLI fit ForFarmers’ new sustainability strategy Going Circular seamlessly. GFLI is an excellent example of “taking a leadership position” for all parties involved as the efforts are all about improving the performance of the whole industry when it comes to reducing emissions from feed materials.

“Having been involved in the development of GFLI we are naturally delighted with this development. The GFLI is an important global feed industry initiative to establish an accepted standard database of the emissions for all of the widely used feed materials. I am sure we can contribute to a more sustainable feed and livestock sector.” – Nick Major, Corporate Affairs Director ForFarmers.

For more information about ForFarmers, click here.

As a corporate member, the organization may nominate someone for a position within the Board of Directors, as well as someone for the Technical Management Committee. With the expertise each of these organizations possess, GFLI has no doubt our aligned goals will lead to a fruitful venture. We warmly welcome each organization and hope for a beneficial result in environmental footprinting.

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