Announcement of newest GFLI member Sindirações

Photo: Dr. Ariovaldo Zani, CEO of Sindirações

GFLI is proud to announce that Sindirações, the Brazilian Feed Industry Association, has joined GFLI as a member as of July 31st.

Sindirações is leading Brazil’s animal feed sector by participating in the development of public policies, promoting dialogue, and supporting the sustainable development of the animal feed industry, all while fostering a competitive environment conducive to the production of safe food. Together with partners representing both research and production, Sindirações will make a significant contribution to improving environmental footprinting of the Brazilian livestock and feed sectors. “The partnership between these Brazilian institutions allows us to combine technical expertise on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in animal production with the generation of national inventories of greenhouse gas emissions related to the livestock chain“, says Dr. Ariovaldo Zani, CEO of Sindirações.

Through their unique multi-sector collaboration, Sindirações and its partners have carried out a robust research project using national statistics in accordance with international standards, regarding both agricultural production and its environmental performance. Dr Zani: “In this context, we consider it important to establish this technical cooperation with GFLI in order to share knowledge and data that are urgently needed by the sector to support environmental declarations of agricultural and livestock products.’’ To further strengthen their collaboration with GFLI, Sindirações will nominate a candidate to the GFLI Board of Directors, and will also bring expertise to the Technical Management Committee (TMC).

Brazil is well-positioned to conduct innovative research using sectorial data, and to work together with international decisionmaking bodies and institutes such as GFLI to achieve the integration of national data in important databases, thereby facilitating access to the most updated and precise metrics, figures and details. Additionally, providing Brazilian agricultural data that have been calculated using the most rigorous methods combined with context-specific knowledge and information will allow for the improvement of method-ologies and models and the provision of data that most accurately represent our national agriculture.” – Dr. Zani.

GFLI warmly welcomes Sindirações as a member. Thanks to the strengths that our partnership with Sindirações will bring, GFLI is taking another step toward becoming the worldwide standard for harmonized environmental life cycle data for the global feed and animal protein value chains.” – Greg Downing, GFLI Board Chair

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