Available now: unit process level data

Unit process level data is a disaggregated form of LCA data with insight on how a dataset is composed, which is comprised of inventory data and the unit processes behind it (e.g., background data, flows). This in-depth level allows for details on how a dataset is formed i.e. resource input and emissions, and the interconnections between different processes. This includes type and amount of input and relative contribution of each input and allocation percentage.

The unit process level data can be used to analyse the representativeness of the dataset in a particular situation, analysing the hotspots, supply chain optimalisation and production optimalisation. With the additional level of detail that the impact assessment or system levels do not provide, this research may therefore be more insightful.

Example of values of the market mix in Simapro (different transport accounted for in the dataset)

Due to confidentiality, datasets compiled of industry data, including sectoral datasets and branded data, will most likely not become available on unit process level unless explicitly stated otherwise. The data provider will always have the choice to have their data available for unit process level towards a wider audience or not.

The available unit process level data include datasets from the sources: Agrifootprint (AFP 6.3), GFLI Canada, GFLI Brazil. The sectoral datasets from sources: VIDO, UKFFPRA, EFFPRA, EAPA, and BFAN, are not available on unit process level. The unit process level data are available in Simapro .csv files, but other formats, such as JSON, can be requested. The unit process level data is accessible through a commercial license agreement. For implementation of the data in a tool or platform, a Developer License is required. For license agreements, reach out to info@globalfeedlca.org.

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