Unibio becomes a member of the Global Feed LCA Institute

The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) announces Unibio as their member! This biotechnological company distinguishes itself with sustainable protein production through fermentation.

Unibio’s proprietary technology – the U-Loop® uses fermentation to produce Uniprotein®. The technology mimics a process that occurs in nature every day and uses methane (e.g. natural gas or biogas) as feedstock. The production of Uniprotein® is efficient, uses little or no water and is unaffected by weather conditions that can impact the production of more traditional protein sources.

Uniprotein® is approved for feed in the European Union, and promises to be fully traceable, non-GMO, and free from pesticides. Its commercial launch has been successful as an alternative protein source. Learn more about Unibio and their product on their website: www.unibio.dk.  

On why Unibio became a GFLI member, CEO of Unibio: David Henstrom, commented:
“Unibio has long been seen as a leader in the sustainable and alternative protein space. Our GFLI membership will facilitate strong and long-term relationships with those in the animal nutrition and food industry as all parties collaborate to provide credible enhancements to the world’s protein insecurity in the most sustainable manner.”

The membership supports GFLI’s commitment to monitor and improve the environmental performance of the animal nutrition industry. Unibio’s ethos, to feed the world’s growing population in a sustainable way, aligns with the GFLI goals and can only promise a great collaboration in the form of the membership package!

Interested in GFLI membership? The GFLI nearly has 30 members and allows for pre-competitive science-based discussions and engagement. Read more about the benefits of becoming a member in the brochure here!

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