Development of feed additives in the GFLI database

The GFLI has encountered a multitude of questions regarding the availability of feed additives and premixes in the database, indicating a growing need from users in order to provide a full footprint of a (complete) feed. For this purpose, GFLI, jointly with the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) and the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures FEFANA, has established a working group to develop a strategy for populating the GFLI database with secondary datasets. The objective of the working group was to develop a common path for the development of datasets for specialty feed ingredients (including feed additives) and their mixtures (including premixes).

Given the wide variety of specialty feed ingredients, types, and manufacturing processes, capturing feed additives in a database is a challenge. The working group developed an approach for categorizing the various specialty feed ingredients and prioritizing the provision of secondary datasets, based on their use and potential impact on the feed environmental footprint. Furthermore, the working group created a data-in project template for the creation of specialty feed ingredients secondary datasets.

The developed approach will now be discussed within the association’s relevant committees before implementation. When agreed, the approach will support the creation of data-in projects, with consortia of interested parties, to create the relevant secondary datasets.

Interested to learn how a data-in project would look like? Read the procedures for a data-in project on our website, and keep following the GFLI Linkedin and website for future collaborations between GFLI, IFIF, and FEFANA!

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