GFLI’s new team member: Anton Kool

With much excitement, the GFLI announces their new asset: independent LCA consultant Anton Kool!

Anton is an expert on LCA’s and footprinting with more than 20 year’s experience in quantifying environmental impacts in agri-food supply chains. He works on several international projects as an independent consultant through his company Kool Planet, located in the Netherlands. With an educational background in animal nutrition at Wageningen University, his work is mainly focused on animal feed, animal husbandry, and food processing industries (dairy, meat, etc.). He also has roots in mixed dairy and arable farming, giving him a wide palette of practical and industry knowledge.

Anton Kool has been helping GFLI since the start of the branded data pilot with both a technical advisory role as providing the internal reviews and some consultancy towards the GFLI branded data pilot participants. He’ll continue the former role as advisor towards the GFLI Secretariat and as support for the Technical Management Committee, as well as broaden his consultancy towards organisations interested in data-in projects. His input will be valuable to speed up discussions and respond timely towards technical questions, and would be a step into the right direction for GFLI as a whole.

Working on data generation and could use some help? Reach out to and see how we can get this data into the GFLI database!

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