Publication: GFLI branded data

The GFLI Branded Data pilot has closed in March, and we’re proud to present the successful participants of the pilot! Since the start of 2022, the participants have worked tirelessly to fulfil the primary data requirements set out in the methodology; and work to seal any data gaps. Through the capable LCA consultancy of Blonk Sustainability and Koolplanet, we can now present the first ingredients according to the GFLI pilot methodology.

Find the table of successfully participated companies as well as a download link to the companies that wish to publish their data too.

The GFLI pilot started in order to test the feasibility of the methodology, and has run from February 2022 to march 2023. The current uptake of GFLI data includes regional or sectoral averages with use of some secondary data (based on statistics) due to more lenient requirements in the type of GFLI project and scope. Branded data differentiates from the data currently available in the GFLI database with the principle of it primarily using data sourced directly under the control of the data-in provider, referring to the manufacturing process of the data-in provider (cultivation, processing, production of given ingredient). This is required for transparency and reducing the possibility to calibrate more favourable results by the use of (improved) secondary data.

The evaluation is still taking place, but there is a hopeful prospective towards GFLI branded data being open for any company wishing to verify their primary data and becoming compliant with the GFLI methodology. Through GFLI branded data, you gain datasets compliant for benchmarking against other GFLI datasets and following the standard in the feed industry. Stay tuned for developments of branded data!

*The GFLI pilot methodology is subject to change according to the findings and new insights.

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