GFLI welcomes Zinpro® Corporation as their newest member!

The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) announces a new member: Zinpro Corporation, a leading innovator and manufacturer of sustainable animal nutrition solutions.

Zinpro Corporation, a leading innovator and global manufacturer of high-performance organic trace minerals and proven animal nutrition solutions, partners closely with its customers around the world. Through these partnerships, they have demonstrated how nutrition improves the health, wellbeing and production efficiency of not only animals, but producers’ businesses – strengthening the case for nutrition as a critical component in driving more sustainable outcomes.

You can learn more about the Zinpro commitment to sustainability in the company’s 2022 Sustainability Report, Advancing Performance Together® for a More Sustainable World for All.

“At Zinpro, we recognize that animal agriculture has been advancing sustainability for thousands of years,’’ said Terry Ward, Zinpro global director of sustainability. “However, there are a lot of challenges, demands and expectations we face to continue innovating as an industry. We’re excited to partner with GFLI, and to leverage their knowledge, one-of-a-kind resources and team of experts to progress in our own sustainability journey.”

GFLI welcomes Zinpro as their 18th corporate member and looks forward to a fruitful partnership.

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