Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health EMENA becomes GFLI’s newest member!

The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) announces a new member: Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health EMENA, Kemin’s business unit which focuses on solutions for healthy, sustainable and efficient animal nutrition in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

As the world’s population continues to grow, the demand for protein soars. Kemin is dedicated to developing ingredients that help producers raise healthy livestock and poultry. Their wide variety of science-backed solutions help optimize nutrition and feed efficiency, improve gut health, support immune function, improve the absorption of nutrients, extend feed’s shelf life and reduce harmful pathogens in the feed and water animals consume. Together, Kemin’s industry-leading solutions are improving and strengthening safety throughout various stages of the global food chain and increasing their customers’ profitability and sustainability. 

“Working with GFLI and their database on environmental impact is inevitable to having accurate and reliable data that allows us to work closely together with our customers for a lower carbon footprint in all operations. Making data-driven decisions is key in a more sustainable industry”, states Stefaan Van Dyck President & CEO Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health EMENA.

Kemin has been working with the main players in the sector in Europe to reduce the carbon footprint of all products involved in the chain. We do this by reducing the emissions generated per kilogram of dry matter ingested. Additionally, our solutions improve feed efficiency and precision in our formulation. This results in higher productivity of healthier animals, protecting the environment by minimizing use of natural resources and energy, and by reducing waste and harmful emission, with a direct impact on the reduction of the carbon footprint per kilogram of milk, meat and processed products but also animal welfare. GFLI welcomes Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health EMENA as a member and anticipates a good partnership and participation in the institute.

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