Unveiling some of the major updates for the GFLI database

The next update of the Global Feed LCA Institute’s LCA database for feed ingredients is planned for release before the end of 2021. Here’s an exclusive sneak preview of the major updates.

With the comprehensive update planned for fall 2021, major improvements will be implemented that will affect the data in the inventory and the output of the impact assessment. Due to the large number of updates, the improvements are expected to be significant.

The following updates are foreseen:

  • Cultivation data: statistics and improvements of emission modelling
  • Market mixes: statistics
  • Processing: new indicators for processing and more feed ingredients will be added
  • Animal systems: large update of animal systems
  • Background data: all ELCD background processes will be replaced by Ecoinvent background data (electricity, steam and basic materials). Update on fertilizer (nitrogen) production, including impacts per region

Datasets from the GFLI data-in projects finalized before the next update will also be integrated into the database, some of which are currently already available on the GFLI website through separate downloads. They will also be recalibrated with the updates mentioned above. More details will follow once the date of publication is available. Sign-up for the GFLI newsletter on the website globalfeedlca.org or follow the LinkedIn page for the latest updates!

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