New data: blood based animal proteins from The European Animal Protein Association

The European Animal Protein Association (EAPA) has contributed two datasets to the GFLI database as of August 2021, bringing in valuable data on blood-based animal proteins hemoglobin and plasma powder.

Animal proteins are valued ingredients in food and feed. Blood-based animal proteins are a by-product from the meat processing industry and can be repurposed into high quality nutrients. Blood-based animal proteins are also used in many pharmaceutical products. Read more about EAPA and blood-based animal proteins here.

The two datasets available are end-products hemoglobin powder and plasma powder, comprised from various animal species within the European Union’s animal farming system. The system boundary is cradle-to-plant’s exit and is available in the ReCiPe and EF2.0 method. The impact results are prone to changes with major update of the GFLI database being scheduled end of 2021, where the background datasets for electricity, steam and other energy carriers will be updated.

The data is available for download on the GFLI website. When the GFLI database is updated this autumn, EAPA’s datasets are integrated into the GFLI database and will be available for download as part of the lifecycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) formats.

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