New data: former foodstuffs from VIDO & UKFFPA

The Dutch and United Kingdom’s associations for processing former foodstuffs for animal feed have contributed four new datasets to the GFLI database! Repurposing rejected food products into valuable animal nutrition to decrease food waste and increase circular foodsystems.

VIDO and the UK Former Foodstuff Processors Association (UKFFPA) are national associations for companies that produce high-quality raw materials from former foodstuffs to be used in or as animal feed. These former foodstuffs arise during food production of bread, pastry, cake, chocolate, crisps, sweets, and dairy products. For example, broken biscuits or incorrectly packaged bread.

VIDO members are specialized in collecting, transporting and processing these products, both with and without packaging, into animal feed products. Annually, the VIDO members process some 320.000 tons of former foodstuffs into animal feed. VIDO members are GMP+ certified and uphold high production standards to guarantee high quality raw materials available for the animal feed industry. These feed materials highly contribute to a more sustainable animal feed and to circular economy.

UK Former Food Processors play a pivotal role in the link between the food and feed chains by contributing to both sectors sustainability objectives. Over 650.000 tonnes of former foods, that are no longer suitable for human consumption, are collected by members of UKFFPA from UK food manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets and processed into feed ingredients. 

The valorisation into feed helps the food industry by reducing food waste accumulation, and the feed industry by providing safe, high-quality ingredients with the lowest possible environmental footprint. Learn more about VIDO and UKFFPA.

There are a total of eight new datasets that are processed in the Netherlands and the UK, four from each country. The datasets include (processed) ingredients with single ingredient former foodstuff dried, single ingredient former foodstuff in the fresh greater than 50% dry matter, single ingredient former foodstuff less than 50% dry matter (liquid) and a blend of former foodstuffs in the fresh. The system boundary is from food company gate to end of former foodstuff processor. It includes transport to the processor and processing. Processing includes one or more: unpacking, sorting, grinding, mixing, drying or liquifying. The datasets are especially interesting for all companies who are developing more sustainable feed programs and sustainable feed chains. The data is available for download on the GFLI website. When the GFLI database is updated early 2022, the datasets will be integrated into the GFLI database and available for download as part of the lifecycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) formats.

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